The Amazing Spiderman trailer

The Amazing Spiderman

As part of my ‘Scifi movies I am looking forward to’ thing I have going, I was going to post some new photos of Judge Dredd. But then I saw there was a new Amazing Spiderman trailer so bollocks, I’ll post that instead.

I wasn’t so excited about this as we have recently (relatively speaking) already had three pretty superb Spiderman movies thanks to Sam Raimi and Tobey Macguire. Normally when you redo something you wait several decades and do it with better special effects. Or 3D or smell-o-vision or something. This just feels like another episode in a huge franchise, like the old Star Trek films.

On the other hand, I love Star Trek films. You know the characters and like the adventures they go on. They could have gone on for as long as they made money and I would have enjoyed them. So bring on Spiderman!

Another thing that changed my view on this is the new trailer. It looks pretty cool. And here it is:


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