Mars Curiosity landing on Mars video

It has come to my attention that each of my websites has built up a loyal following of its own. They deal with different topics after all. Sometimes they cross however and I have no choice but to link to something that will be of interest to both parties. Like now.

Although this video is science, it is so cutting edge cool that it feels Scifi. Also, Science Fiction fans tend to be Science fans as they are usually smart and generally hip and cool and interested in things. So I’m posting it here too. It made me imagine what it would be like to escape from an exploding spaceship in some kind of pod and then have to parachute to the surface of an alien planet. I read Starship Troopers a long time ago but as far as I can remember they get inserted into planets in pods then parachutes. Then jetpacks as they wipe everyone out, but that doesn’t apply here.

I had seen the photos at the end of the clip before – the panoramic views and the picture of the rover from some reflection or other, but they are great and inspiring so why not see them again?

Anyway. Enjoy. Let’s all go live on Mars, it looks cool.

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