Help Crowdfund NASA video to play before new Star Trek. MAKE IT SO, DAMMIT!

NASA have made a very cool video about why we should go into space. It is achievements made in endeavours like this that make me proud to be a human. A feeling that we can be a pretty awesome species when we want to be. This feeling is soon banished when I watch the news or catch a glimpse of ANY reality show but it is nice while it lasts.

I won’t bang on about petty small minded pricks who think that space exploration money should all be spent on hospitals so they can be looked after when they are old and don’t care that future generations will suffer from overcrowding and lack of resources and- oh wait hang on, I did complain a bit. Anyway screw those people.

NASA want this inspiring humanity affirming clip to play before the new Star Trek into Darkness movie. They are crowdsourcing it which I guess would be of more interest to those few cities in the US that actually get to see the clip. Or maybe you think it’s such a good thing to inspire people that you want to chip in. You nice person you. Here is the crowdsource page:

If you just want to see the clip in full, then here you go. It’s voiced by Optimus Prime! Cool huh? Go humans!

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