The Possession

This is a trailer for a new horror film called The Possession. It was originally called The Dibbuk Box. It is a Jewish thing apparently, like a Golem. The trailer looks fairly scary but trailers can be very misleading, as we all know, and the final product might be shit (I’m looking at you Planet of the Apes – Tim Burton version).

A little girl (who are generally a pretty spooky species) buys a mysterious box. It turns out to be haunted or contains an evil soul or something. It would be better if it opened a portal to an evil dimension of pain and pleasure like Hellraiser but this story is apparently based on fact. I suspect loosely. The previously cute but now eerie child becomes possessed. So maybe the true story it’s based on is The Exorcist.

The only reason I am including this on my magnificent site is partly because it stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian from Watchmen) who is generally pretty good value. The main reason is that it is produced by Sam Raimi who in my opinion rarely puts a foot wrong. The only truly bad thing he has produced or directed was one episode of Xena where they sang throughout it. His horror is always good. And this is horror. Time will tell.

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