Terra Nova

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a new Spielberg produced big budget mega epic series. It starts in the year 2149 and the world is predictably fucked up. From the trailer it looks like overpopulation and bad air quality are the main culprits. Probably global warming too, why not? Scientists discover a rift in time that is consequently turned into a portal linked to an Earth of millions and millions of years ago. As the world is screwed and dying, they wisely (sarcasm) decide to establish a new colony in the past.

Unfortunately, they clearly hadn’t seen or read Jurassic Park because things predictably go tits up and dinosaurs start eating people.

I’m not sure yet how excited I should be about Terra Nova. Will it be a new Lost, Battlestar Galactica, or Game of Thrones? The money is there – apparently each of the 13 episodes has an average budget of $4 million dollars. So the effects will be good. I just worry that with Spielberg’s involvement it may degrade into touchy feelgood hug-fest. I want to see people ripped apart by carnivorous beasts while firing cool futuristic guns, as opposed to a heart rending tale of families trying to survive adversity while crying a lot.

Time will tell. It airs in America on Fox (not HBO sadly because then it would very likely be awesome) on September 26th. Here in Blighty it will be on Sky ‘in the Autumn’.

You know what? Fuck it, I’m going to be excited. Here’s a trailer:

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