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Jupiter Ascending trailer 3

Jupiter_Ascending-267973304-large-2The latest trailer for the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending is here and, like the previous ones, it looks pretty damn spectacular. Also pretty damn pretty. You get a bit more of a glimpse into what it may be about but I don’t really care. Mila Kunis + spaceships is good enough to get me into the cinema.

I am no longer swayed by trailers and remain firmly in the camp that no matter how incredible Jupiter Ascending looks from these brief glimpses, there is still a huge possibility that it may turn out to be utter pants.

But it looks great so far. Enjoy.


Jupiter Ascending trailer

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending

The new Jupiter Ascending Trailer is here and it actually looks like it might be pretty good. But as it is impossible to tell how good a film is from a trailer these days, I will reserve judgement. (I’m looking at you, Burton’s Planet of the Apes, and the Wachowski’s Matrix 2 & 3, and, obviously, Prometheus.)

This could, however, be a good trailer for a good film. Just try and ignore the pointy ears thing. Enjoy.



Cloud Atlas trailer

I’m pretty emotionally repressed but I just wiped away a tear at how incredible this trailer is. It has actually been on the internet for a couple of weeks now but I was hoping a version with less pop-ups would come out and it has. Plus I have been busy. The Cloud Atlas trailer is 5 minutes of awesome that just gets better the longer you watch. The only way the film can do this trailer justice is if it is about 5 hours long, so we shall have to wait and see how it pans out.

From the Wachowski siblings, the director of the superb Run, Lola, Run, and author David Mitchell, it should be good. Old school adventure, futuristic Asian chicks, and post Apocalyptic settings. It’s a bit like my life but with a less attractive cast. Enjoy.