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Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin VR review

I have been plowing through VR games in the £15-20 range recently. I recently finished Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and then, grateful for the complete change of scene, I thought I would try Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. Until Dawn was a horror shooter on a roller-coaster with a ton of jump scares, whereas Psychonauts is a humorous and mostly stationary adventure game. I highly recommend doing things this way round.

In the Rhombus of Ruin you play Raz, the newest member of the team of Psychonauts. I haven’t played any of the other games in the series but it really doesn’t matter. The characters are fun and the story is standalone. If you are new to VR and are worried about motion sickness, then this is highly recommended for reasons that are best explained by the plot.

The team is on a plane and as Raz, you are still experimenting and learning about your psychic abilities. Because you are on a plane, this is done from a seated position. The plane crashes and the team is scattered and when you awaken you are strapped motionless to a chair. Fortunately, your psychic abilities allow you to transport your conscious into the various minions and creatures you see and you can get them to press button and so on. Essentially, this is a puzzler and as everything is viewed from within stationary minds, there is no threat of dreaded VR motion sickness.

At first, your abilities are essentially mind jumping and psychic prodding. As you release other members of the psychonaut team, you get better abilities like being able to blast stuff and set things on fire. You also travel around quite a bit and soon find yourself jumping into things like jellyfish, rats and all sorts (mild spoiler: you are underwater).

I really enjoyed this game and highly recommend it. It’s fun and the VR is top notch. The only real negative was that it was short. I finished it in about 2 hours. So while the story was enjoyable and the characters were great, it felt slightly perfunctory and never really had a chance to go anywhere too deep. The fact I wanted a bit more is a good thing I guess, it just depends how much action you want for £15 (roughly).

Personally I loved Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. It could have been longer and I will never play it again but if a sequel came out I would definitely get it. Recommended.


Play Dungeons and Dragons in VR!

Listen to the Dungeon Master!

Listen to the Dungeon Master!

From 10 years old and throughout the most of my teens I played Dungeons and Dragons. Because it was awesome. You get a load of friends round and you go on adventures. The fact that it was spoken, and that the story existed in the collective imagination of those present, made it special. Plus there are really cool dice and little action figures.

As an individual who has a pathetic psychologic need to have his views and stories heard by others, I was frequently a dungeon master (DMs rule). You are in control of the story. You can buy pre-scripted modules, but cool kid as I was, I used like writing my own dungeons and adventures from scratch. You create stories and plots and incidences. You get to draw intricate maps on graph paper. And finally you have people play through your story live. It was great and possibly influenced my developing brain to the point where I now write and just make shit up for a career.

1d20 where have you been for the last 20 years?

1d20 where have you been for the last 20 years?

People still play Dungeons and Dragons but it has largely fallen out of favour as you can interactively fight orcs and role-play on the interweb these days. Games like World of Warcraft kind of recreate the ‘get together with your coolest friends and smite some goblins’ vibe but it isn’t quite the same. Your imagination is peaked by computer games as you explore, but the story isn’t in the mind of the group of friends chatting round a table. You are walking through someone else’s imagination. (Not that I don’t love computer games as well.)

Unless you have actually played D&D you are unlikely to understand. Sorry if that sounds patronising but it is true.

Sit around a virtual table and have adventures!

Sit around a virtual table and have adventures!

As there are less people playing Dungeons and Dragons, it can be hard to find a game. Well, now there is a passable solution. You can play D&D using virtual reality! I’m not talking a Skyrim-type experience. I’m talking the sitting around a virtual table and talking experience. I guess you could Skype these days, but then only one person gets to play with the dice and you don’t get character sheets littering the table and the little figures moving through a dungeon and… ah whatever.

Basically a company called AltspaceVR designed a VR Skype kind of idea. Behind intelligent engineer types, quite a few grew up playing D&D and tried to recreate it. It worked brilliantly and they have the full backing of the Wizards of the Coast. That is the company that owns Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering by the way, not a Cornish cult or anything.

For this post I just meant to just write – hey cool! You can play D&D in VR – look at this video. But I went on a bit. Sorry. Happy memories. Here is the video…