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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

On a lot of the hip, cool and intellectually powerful forums and websites where I frequently hang out, there has been a lot of chat about Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I’ll be honese and admit that I tended to just skip by these forums and trailers. I thought it will be most likely be a low budget bunch of balls. I love low budget cult films if: they are well-done/ funny/ gory/ suprisingly cool/ cleverly scripted/ have pointless nudity. Often however, some film-makers inhabiting this spectrum just think of a funny name and then string something dire together.

This is what I thought Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was going to be. Then, in a moment of extreme boredom, I watched the trailer. It actually looks pretty cool.

So here it is:

Hello David – new Prometheus viral

Fassbender in Prometheus

This post is dedicated to my wife. She has a massive crush on Fassbender and I suspect the idea of a robot that looks like him that can also cook will make her very happy. This is the new viral video from Prometheus and I think it is kind of cool. The film trailer is here and is definitely very cool.

I’m getting stupidly excited about Prometheus which is worrying. I remember being this excited about Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes and also The Phantom Menace. That can’t be a good thing.


The Hobbit trailer

I loved the Hobbit. It was the first book I ever read in a day that didn’t have pictures. I was 10 and haven’t read it since which is something that needs to be remedied. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do. Otherwise this trailer won’t excite you as much as it did me. Actually, it probably will. It’s going to be awesome let’s face it. Enjoy…