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Visual guide to the Expanse

I have made no secret about the fact that I think the Expanse is bloody great. I am currently in that painful period between both Expanse books and TV series. It has given me more time to do other things with my life, I guess, but it still sucks.

Anyway. Because I am a fan and the internet these days knows everything about me, I get sent a lot of Expanse related material and came across a nice little infographic guide thingy. In case you are solely ensconced in the TV show and have short term memory I thought it could be handy. The books are now a lot more complicated and would require something colossal! This is well done and has also has a cool title. Go Rocinante!

The Expanse Pilot episode

The_Expanse_TVThe Expanse TV series is finally here. Well, technically it starts on Syfy on the 14th of December but you can watch the pilot online now. I was pretty nervous about it as I loved the books, but I am pleased to report it’s bloody great! I should warn you that the video below is only available to watch in the US, which is where most of my readership lives. For the rest of the planet, you will have to wait. Or if you even vaguely internet savvy, you might work out a way to watch it. I highly recommend you do you so (obviously legally). Here is the Expanse pilot episode:

In case you are one of the poor bastards who were unable to watch this episode and lack the creative internet skills necessary to find it online, here is a 3 minute youtube clip about the worlds featured in the show. Not as good as a whole episode, but better than nothing.

James S.A. Corey’s Expanse series to be a Syfy TV show

The Expanse series

The Expanse series

Previously on this site I have highly recommended the James S.A. Corey Expanse series. Because it is fucking awesome. So far three of the books are out, with a fourth due this summer. Read my review of the first book here. The two books that follow are just as good, so you really have a treat in store if you haven’t discovered them yet.

Excitingly, Syfy have just confirmed that they are going to be making the Expanse series into a TV show with each book equalling 10 episodes, much like Game of Thrones. I know Syfy makes and produces some awful shite, like the stuff they do with Asylum movies (although they can be fun), but keep in mind that they also made Eureka, Alphas, and, much more importantly – the new version of Battlestar Galactica.

In Corey’s Expanse books no one zips about faster than light so they are all confined to the solar system. The solar system system is still epically massive though, and the series manages to be pretty exciting space opera with fleets of spaceships and exotic moon bases and so on, all while remaining in familiar, realistic surroundings. The Expanse setting is a believable one and consequently everyone lives in cramped, industrial type conditions while floating through the vast expanses of space. In other words, conditions like the ships in Battlestar. (Or Firefly.) So Syfy might do a good job here if you share my optimism that they will be more BSG and a lot less Sharknado.

Also, the writers – James S. A. Corey is actually two talented fellows called Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck – seem to be able to knock out one Expanse book a year (unlike other series I could mention), so this could run for a while. Quite frankly there aren’t enough decent Science Fiction shows on right now and this one is actually going to be in space! Recently I’ve been having to watch Firefly, BSG, Farscape, Stargate and Trek repeats just to get my space scifi fix.

Hopefully that will change. No pressure Syfy….


Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

I stole this pic from another site. They admit they stole it too. I don't think it's official but it looks cool!

More Battlestar Galactica cannot not be a bad thing and this trailer for the Blood and Chrome spin-off looks absolutely sphincter-loosening frackin’ awesome! It is basically telling the story of the first Cylon war with a young Adama. So, between Caprica and BSG. If I remember the first part of Battlestar Galactica correctly, where that bored guy is sitting waiting for the Cylons to not turn up (except they do and pretty sexily), he was looking at pictures of Cylons from the first war. They looked like the Cylons from the original 70s/80s version. So presumably they will be back. Or a hybrid. I’m happy either way.

The bizarre thing about this is that Syfy will (according to rumour) turn it into a series of webisodes, which will suck if you can’t get the internet on your huge shiny flatscreen TV. Fortunately I can. I also suspect it will be out on DVD and Bluray eventually (but I want it now damn it). Why Syfy is doing this is baffling. As I said this is all rumour – word on the Scifi street so to speak. I personally suspect they will air it on old school TV. I hope so as I work for Syfy and will get to see it first. No word at all when this might be though.

Oh well, who cares? The trailer is actually pretty hard to find as it has been removed from youtube. This it because it has been leaked. Leaked all over sites like this.