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I must confess, I am pretty damned excited about this. Ridley Scott and Science Fiction are always a good mix. I refuse to compare Alien with Aliens as they are both superb and are different genres entirely.

This film is new again but it is hard to say exactly what it is. It has been described as a prequel and a reboot. It features a team of humans who are trying to find the origins of the human race. To do this they are exploring the remnants of an ancient alien civilisation. I’m pretty sure from what I’ve read that it also concerns the dead ‘Space Jockey’ that you see in the original Alien movie. I guess it is to the Alien mythos what the new JJ Abrams Star Trek is the the original movies. If that makes sense.

In fact it is partly because of the new Trek movies that I am so looking forward to this. Reboots can be great if they are done well. Let’s face it, the franchise really lost its way. The Alien vs Predator films were fucking awful. The first one had a tagline ‘Whoever wins – we lose’. What happened? It was a draw. Bollocks to that.

Anyway, here’s the trailer. I think it looks superb.