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The Dark Knight Rises new trailer

I haven’t been this excited since, well, er, last week actually with The Avengers. But it is rare to have this much awesomeness hitting our screens in such a short period. The Dark Knight Rises is whipping the fanboys and even cool people like myself into something approaching nerdgasm. Already people are hitting the science fiction forums saying how much they intend to be let down by it.

This new trailer has made things even worse by looking brilliant but not giving too much away. There is the added hype that Nolan hasn’t made a bad film yet -although some disliked Inception because he purposefully wanted to make a film that made people think. Apparently that is pretentious. (It only made some people think – most people just enjoyed a cerebral action flick.)

Anyway, enough waffling! The Dark Knight Rises looks great and it will be great. So there. Enjoy.