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Altered Carbon TV Show

One minute I didn’t even know Altered Carbon was being made into a TV show and the next, I am shitting myself with excitement that it is almost here. Altered Carbon is a brilliant book written by Richard K Morgan and features the superb character, Takeshi Kovacs.

In the future, you back up your brain to a computer via a tiny computer stack in your head. Bodies are grown or even just used and your brain can then be downloaded into them. So if you get killed, you can come back in a different body. Or your own clone, if you are rich. In Altered Carbon Рthe book at least РTakeshi Kovacs is a double-hard bastard who is hired to find out who killed a really rich guy. He is hired by the really rich guy.

The book is quite a scifi noir and is violent and a great read. If you haven’t read it you definitely should. Check it out here.¬†Altered Carbon was the first of three books to feature Kovacs but it is very much a stand-alone novel. It looks like the TV show is following the book fairly closely and has a pretty impressive budget. I hope it is as good an adaptation as The Expanse TV show. This is a truly great time to be a science fiction fan with a Netflix account!

Altered Carbon comes out on Netflix on the 2nd February and here is the brilliant trailer:

If you are interested in the superb book, and you should be, look here: