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Iron Sky

Iron Sky

At last a film about Nazis on the moon. This is a niche I will confess I hadn’t thought about much until I saw this trailer but I now realize it was one that needed to be filled. There isn’t much I really need to add by way of explanation. Basically, in 1945, the nazis flew off and hid on the dark side of the moon. Now they are coming back.


The effects actually look pretty cool for what it is and there are even some blonde, stern but sexy looking Nazi frauleins chucked in. The Nazis are hard to beat when it comes to historic baddies. They had cool outfits, were into Vagner, art, the occult and so forth. They also had an ideology that no sane person could possibly agree with and committed acts of genocide and pure evil. The perfect bad guys.

Iron Sky is part of a new wave of production where fans help write some of the ideas, send in money, and generally chip in. It even has Udo Kier in it, from awesome movies such as Flesh for Frankenstein and Suspiria, and also Yuri from the PC game Command and Conquer 2. The man is a legend.

I’m sure this may offend some people but it seems to be done very much tongue-in-cheek. Enough time has passed that we can now laugh at them. ‘Allo ‘allo did that 30 years ago and everyone was ok with that. So enjoy.

*Disclaimer – If you find the idea of Nazis on the moon offensive then don’t watch this. Please don’t watch it and then get offended because that is just dumb.