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Real spacesuits of the future

I saw this on IO9.com and thought I would share as they are pretty damned sexy. NASA has redesigned its next range of spacesuits and they seem to be taking science fiction for inspiration. None of these designs are definite as they have to vote on which one is best in the great NASA Suit Off competition. It will be one of these three though.

The spacesuit designs are below and I have put them in order of personal preference as I’m sure NASA reads this website.

In third place, a quite workaday spacesuit that is frankly a bit dull. Although I do like the fact that the astronaut on the right seems to be holding a raygun:
In second place, a slightly niftier design. On the left is the suit for ‘working in daylight’ mode and on the right what is ‘in nightclub picking up alien chicks’ mode. I like the fact that on the right his forward leaning pose lets you imagine what he’ll look like if he is arriving by jet pack:
In first place, a spacesuit form the designers behind Tron (possibly). It’s a bit baggier than in Tron to accommodate the more portly astronaut of the future. If this isn’t picked then NASA have yet again gone for function over style. Which is a shame.
This is just one step away from the ultimate body hugging spandex costume of the future. When I was a young lad in the early 80s I thought that people in the future would all dress like they did in Buck Rogers.

At work, the outfits will be like Colonel Wilma Deering:

wilma deering

Colonel Wilma Deering

And in the evening they relax Princess Ardala style.

Princess Ardala

In case you are thinking that this all seems a bit sexist – you can see Buck Rogers wore the same outfit. (For his night attire you can just google.)


Help Crowdfund NASA video to play before new Star Trek. MAKE IT SO, DAMMIT!

NASA have made a very cool video about why we should go into space. It is achievements made in endeavours like this that make me proud to be a human. A feeling that we can be a pretty awesome species when we want to be. This feeling is soon banished when I watch the news or catch a glimpse of ANY reality show but it is nice while it lasts.

I won’t bang on about petty small minded pricks who think that space exploration money should all be spent on hospitals so they can be looked after when they are old and don’t care that future generations will suffer from overcrowding and lack of resources and- oh wait hang on, I did complain a bit. Anyway screw those people.

NASA want this inspiring humanity affirming clip to play before the new Star Trek into Darkness movie. They are crowdsourcing it which I guess would be of more interest to those few cities in the US that actually get to see the clip. Or maybe you think it’s such a good thing to inspire people that you want to chip in. You nice person you. Here is the crowdsource page: http://igg.me/at/adspace

If you just want to see the clip in full, then here you go. It’s voiced by Optimus Prime! Cool huh? Go humans!