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Star Trek TNG Honest Trailer

In case you haven’t heard of Honest Trailers, you should check them out on YouTube and thank me later. They do hilarious reviews of movies, games, TV shows and more. They are part of the Screen Junkies channel which has a lot of great stuff. I have now seen nearly all of the Honest Trailers but they are still a fun YouTube rabbit hole to spend an hour in.

On the 20th anniversary of Star Trek – The Next Generation they did a special one. It is 8 minutes long and bloody funny if you are cool enough to be a Trekkie. Here you go. Engage! (Sorry but it had to be done.)



Pegg and Frost do Star Wars

This short film is quite old (2009) but I somehow missed it and it made me laugh. Basically, while filming the movie Paul, Simon Pegg and best bud Nick Frost decided to recreate Star Wars scene by scene. Or at least that is what the blurb says. They were probably just in a desert and felt like having a laugh. The result is this short but funny scene.

Pegg and Frost apparently met over a love of Star Wars and they are always great to watch. This is essentially funny fanboys arguing in a desert. Enjoy.

Rick and Morty

rick-and-mortyI haven’t reviewed a TV show in a while and as I have been binge watching Rick and Morty on Netflix recently, I might as well do that.

Rick and Morty is an animated science fiction comedy on Adult Swim. It follows the adventures of a genius alcoholic scientist and his grandson – Rick and Morty respectively. It is, to cut a long review short, absolutely brilliant. While it may not be quite as laugh out loud funny as Futurama (the obvious comparison), the scifi ideas and concepts explored are superb, thoughtful and generally pretty fun. Futurama has some pretty cool ideas but Rick and Morty explore slightly different areas.

Among other things, the show explores the idea of multi-dimensional existence. Rick, Morty, and sometimes the older sister Summer, are always popping through portals and occasionally meeting other versions of themselves. At times the show can be quite bleak in a nothing really matters and everything is just chance, kind of way. This existentialist element can get a bit much for some I guess, but I like it. Some quite violent stuff happens to some of the characters, even the main ones, but it doesn’t really matter in a multiverse. Rick frequently destroys entire worlds but if you can just pop to another universe where everyone is ok, it becomes hard to care. Rick in particular is massively selfish, amoral, and just enjoys science without much thought to consequence.

I am getting a slightly deep but basically, if you like science fiction that explores philosophy and deep scifi ideas, but also has drunk people, chases and lots of aliens, then Rick and Morty is worth a watch. I love it. It is on Netflix but you should be able to find it elsewhere if you are vaguely intelligent. Season 3 is due out sometime soon-ish.

To give you an example of the sort of thing you can expect, here is a brief clip that is vaguely reminiscent of Star Trek Next Generation episode “The Inner Light”. Just to give you an insight into the moral ambiguity of Rick, just before this clip, he had invented an incredible gun which he then sold to a hit-man so he could play games.

While I’m at it, here is a Rick and Morty in the Simpsons couch gag. Enjoy:


Rogue Binks: A Star Wars Story

Binks rebels...

Binks rebels…

Good old Jar Jar Binks, the annoyance that keeps on giving. Spoof trailers, theories about him being a Sith, he is a meme that reminds us of how bad things can get when you resort to slapstick for humour. Binks is the Inspector Clouseau of the Star Wars universe – the Steve Martin version obviously, Peter Sellers was great. But the memes and parodies are funny. I think so anyway and in this corner of cyberspace, I am in charge.

Without further waffle meesa gives you Rogue Binks:




The Sound of Cylons

I saw this on probably my favorite website www.io9.com (not including this one, www.thewordofward.com, and some others I pretend I don’t look at). It is a spoof song about Battlestar Galactica, one of the best TV shows ever made ever. Ever. If you disagree fine. Stick to football/x-factor/Downton Abbey and don’t mention it to me ever.
I have to warn you there are spoilers involved.
I also have to warn you, this is genius and makes me want to watch the show all over again. Enjoy.

Incompetence by Rob Grant

Incompetence by Rob Grant

Incompetence by Rob Grant is funny. In case you didn’t know, Rob Grant was one of the writers of Red Dwarf and I suspect he was the one who wrote most of the jokes.

Incompetence is set in the United States of Europe in the not too distant future. A detective for a secret organisation who goes by the name Harry Salt (among others) is trying to track down whomever it was that killed another member of his team. He is hindered somewhat by the fact that in the future United Europe no-one can be discriminated against for gender, race, weight, age, etc but in particular they can’t be discriminated against for being utterly incompetent.

That is the entire plot and there are very few surprises. It really doesn’t matter though because Incompetence is all about the jokes. Because of the incompetence law pretty much everyone he meets is utterly useless at their jobs. This is the main theme and the constantly recurring joke throughout the novel. There are waiters with Tourette’s syndrome, stupid or unbelievably angry policemen, petty minded station guards, and so on. The characters he meets provide the humour throughout the book. At times they can verge on slightly tiresome but that is forgiven as Incompetence is consistently amusing and has some superb set pieces and situations.

There isn’t really a lot of Science Fiction in it – the premise is there to basically tell gags and rant against stupid rulings coming out of Europe. Consequently, the humour is quite British. There are some good moments which couldn’t quite happen right now. For example, even though you can’t be discriminated against for incompetence, you can be busted for pretty much anything and held in a holding cell. With the constant stream of ludicrous laws coming out Brussels this is causing a lot of arrests. At one point our hero gets arrested and is taken to the temporary holding cells. These are vast rooms with plastic partitions. He is then led down a staircase and there’s another series of colossal cells. He then descends further and further with each floor being identical and full. Finally 20+ floors down he is put in a cell. In the corner there is a digging crew that works 24 hours a day tunneling downwards to create more cell space. Again this isn’t giving much away. The humour and enjoyment of this scene is a character he meets in the cell.

There are a few more ideas like this but nothing really new. The plot, as stated is pretty basic. What makes Incompetence a good read is the fact that it will make you laugh. If you aren’t expecting much but simply want a fun, easy to read, fast-paced, mock-noir, holiday type book then I can highly recommend Incompetence.