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Dredd sequel

There isn’t really much to say about this except SIGN THE PETITION! Dredd was a great violent helmet-wearing genius of a movie and one that finally caught the mood of the comics. Although I saw Megacity 1 as being a bit more dense than in the film, everything else was brilliant. Now there may be a sequel. All you have to do is sign. Not quite sure how that all works exactly but I AM THE LAW! NOW SIGN! Also – SHARE!!

Click here to sign: http://2000adonline.us5.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=a6e40236aa24d482cfff600d2&id=62906ebdcc

Look here to see a picture:

Dredd sequel

Dredd takes out drug den (clip)

This will be the last Dredd clip I play until the film comes out, I promise. I wasn’t going to post any more but then I saw this clip after reading a review (sort of) on the superb website io9.com. It looked too awesome not to include here.

Have you ever seen those ultra slow-mo films of things like people sneezing or a fat man being slapped? Cool right? Well imagine that but with bullets or explosions hitting evil druggies. In 3D. That is what this clip is all about and it looks great. (By the way, here is the review of Dredd on io9: http://io9.com/5925364/dredd-is-a-brutal-action-flick-with-both-a-high-body-count-and-a-brain)

First things first though, ARE YOU 18? If not the video may not work. Also, you shouldn’t be on this site if you aren’t 18 as occasionally I will swear or say things that might sound like I’m glorifying violence. Which is wrong kids, and may warp your delicate little minds. Violence and swearing are not cool.

Now let’s watch Dredd shoot some fucker in the face! Woohoo!