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Every Doctor Who story from best to worst

13 Doctor Who actors

13 Doctor Who actors

I saw this on io9 and just had to share. Doctor Who can be ridiculously¬†hit and miss at times but no matter how much it misses, it remains a much loved TV show across the world. Probably because when it is a hit, it is just superb. Or maybe because so many of us grew up watching it. Or it’s just fun. Whatever.

Someone at the superb io9 site has rated every single episode and ranked it in order. Which is a superb achievement and I feel obliged to share the link. I know what I will be watching for the next few days. Enjoy:

Every Doctor Who episode from best to worst

New Doctor Who Trailer 2014

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

A couple of new trailers have been released to drum up excitement¬†for the new Doctor Who series. Which isn’t really needed but is appreciated nontheless. Thanks BBC! The first was released last month and is a taster for the series as whole:

The second is a trailer for the first episode ‘Deep Breath’

Annoyingly, Doctor Who season 8 (depending on how you judge these things) or the 12th Doctor’s first series or whatever you want to call it, starts on Saturday 23rd August 2014. Just after I leave England. If only there was some kind of advanced technology that will let me watch it…

Doctor Who 50 Years trailer

Doctor Who 50 years

Doctor Who 50 years

I’m quite excited. The Doctor Who 50 Years trailer is here and it looks cool. It looks even cooler because I am 41 and have watched Doctor Who my entire life so I’m familiar with most of the Doctors. But it should still be fun even if you are quite new to the whole thing. If you are utterly new then I’m afraid it will just be baffling but stick with it, it’s mostly a brilliant show.

The trailer doesn’t actually show all that much except for shots of all the old Doctors with a bit of voice over. Clearly, I’m easily impressed. Enjoy.

Google Street View discovers TARDIS

I live in modern day London. Which, as any fan of Doctor Who will know (based on how often he visits), is the Doctor’s favourite time and place in the whole universe. It’s that great here.

As the TARDIS is broken, it no longer camoflages itself properly and consequently sticks out a bit when parked. So when a passing Google van went down a London road near Earl’s Court tube and spotted the TARDIS, the eagle eyed google nerds jumped out of the Google car and took their machine inside. (This sequence of events is a guess.)

The results can be seen if you click here: http://goo.gl/maps/7av8q. Click on the double arrows at the bottom of the screen pointing at the TARDIS. Enjoy.

Douglas Adams and Doctor Who

Doctor Who is back on air – praise the Tardis! This inevitably gives me flashbacks to my childhood and the previous heyday of when Tom Baker was Doctor Who. I’m sure if you are a Scifi fan you are aware of what I am talking about. I’m also sure you are aware of HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams.

But did you know that Adams was the script editor for Doctor Who in the late 70s? Probably, you clever reader you. There is even a book called Doctor Who: Shada
which is based on an Adams script and is apparently pretty good.
All this inevitably led, as often happens in the modern world, to youtube. For your enjoyment and edification here are a couple of classic scenes with classic Douglas Adams wit. Enjoy.
Here a bit with John Cleese and art:
Here’s some witty dialogue: