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Happy Christmas Scifi fans

Dear all readers and fellow scifi enthusiasts,

Happy a bloody good Christmas! I hope you got the box-set/game/comic/action figure/whatever it was you had hoped for.

This has been a bumper year for scifi and we still have the Doctor Who Christmas special – with a new Doctor – to go.

So enjoy your Xmas pan-galactic gargle blasters and make it so.

Live long and prosper.

May the force be with you.

Have a fracking good time.

And so on!

Happy Scifi Christmas!

yodasantaHappy Christmas from the mothership of Scifi Ward! I hope you all got the box sets and books you so richly deserve. If you got a kindle feel free to um… look to the right and um… buy a short story… You would make a scifi story writer very happy.

No matter what you believe in and whatever planet you personally hail from, I hope you have a superb day. Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas. Live long and prosper. Drink eggnog.

Happy Christmas. Live long and prosper. Drink eggnog.

Merry Christmas from Scifi Ward!

scifisantaMerry Christmas Scifi fans! I think, by and large, it has been a pretty damn good year for the genre. I hope your stocking was filled with science fiction goodness. I know mine was.

I have written a new short story called Cooperworld, which I am pretty excited about. I will shamelessly promote it when I have the energy and am less full of Christmas meat, but if you need something for a new tablet, check it out.

I will keep this short as I am going to binge some more. Be happy scifi fans, and merry christmas! Cheers.