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Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

I stole this pic from another site. They admit they stole it too. I don't think it's official but it looks cool!

More Battlestar Galactica cannot not be a bad thing and this trailer for the Blood and Chrome spin-off looks absolutely sphincter-loosening frackin’ awesome! It is basically telling the story of the first Cylon war with a young Adama. So, between Caprica and BSG. If I remember the first part of Battlestar Galactica correctly, where that bored guy is sitting waiting for the Cylons to not turn up (except they do and pretty sexily), he was looking at pictures of Cylons from the first war. They looked like the Cylons from the original 70s/80s version. So presumably they will be back. Or a hybrid. I’m happy either way.

The bizarre thing about this is that Syfy will (according to rumour) turn it into a series of webisodes, which will suck if you can’t get the internet on your huge shiny flatscreen TV. Fortunately I can. I also suspect it will be out on DVD and Bluray eventually (but I want it now damn it). Why Syfy is doing this is baffling.¬†As I said this is all rumour – word on the Scifi street so to speak. I personally suspect they will air it on old school TV. I hope so as I work for Syfy and will get to see it first. No word at all when this might be though.

Oh well, who cares? The trailer is actually pretty hard to find as it has been removed from youtube. This it because it has been leaked. Leaked all over sites like this.