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Captain America: Civil War Trailer

caThis is apparently the last trailer for Captain America: Civil War and it looks tremendously exciting. I read the comics but it was ages ago and I can’t really remember what happened except the Captain America was on one side and Iron Man was on the other. Also Spiderman and the Punisher appeared along with a ton of others. It looks a bit like Avengers 3 as opposed to a straight Captain America flick.

In the trailer there are a lot of returning characters and some new ones that set my senses a-tingling. You will see what I mean. I think this looks great although I always wonder why Hawkeye doesn’t just stand back and shoot from afar. Maybe he gets bored.


The Avengers trailer

First off here’s the trailer


I’m curious to know what fans think. I love comics but until recently my reading of them has declined. Since I got an iPad, it has soared again but that has mostly been due to the ‘new 52’ which is an entirely different universe from the Avengers. If you aren’t into comics you will have no idea what I’m talking about.

When I was younger and smoked certain herbal substances for my bad back (medicinal so not immoral) I read piles of comics. They were rarely Marvel or DC though. Comics like 2000AD, Transmetropolitan, Preacher, Slaine, Savage Sword of Conan, Hellboy, Sandman and so on. I was just never that in Superheroes in tights. They always teetered on the edge of looking stupid. Some (Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman) just made me laugh they looked so ridiculous. Although Batman is cool.

On the other hand I like big explosions and women in unnecessarily revealing tight outfits and Superhero flicks are full of these.

So I was torn by this trailer. It could be really cool. Robert Downey Jr and Samuel L. Jackson are always worth a watch, and so is Scarlett Johansson but for slightly different reasons. It’s also directed by Joss Whedon who is a reliable man at the helm. The music is pretty bad though and I just wasn’t wowed by the trailer. These days you often see trailers for movies and think: ‘Holy Fuck! There’s no way that can possibly be bad,’ only to be proved massively, massively wrong. With this I just thought, ‘Meh, looks ok.’

At least I will approach it with an open mind. Unless a better trailer comes out.