Robocop trailer 2



This is the second trailer for the Robocop reboot. I know that sentence doesn’t exactly scream ‘Wow, here’s something new and exciting’ but it does actually look pretty damn cool and I felt it needed to be shared here. I am fairly confident that the new Robocop will be the best one since the original but frankly, that should’t be too hard. The Verhoeven version will remain a classic of violence, humour and general awesomeness. But I see no reason why the new Robocop can’t forge its own exciting new franchise, and this trailer looks damned good fun. At least now it seems marginally harder to shoot Murphy (Robocop) in the face, which was a design flaw in the original film that bugged the hell out of me as it just seemed so bloody obvious. Now he can, er, tilt his head a bit.

Anyway, here is the trailer. Apologies for the delay.



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