Ridley Scott returns to Science Fiction

The movie and Scifi worlds have all been abuzz about Ridley Scott. Let’s face it, a lot of his output has been a bit hit and miss recently. But three decades ago he struck gold by making two of my favourite movies of all time. I’m talking of course of the Scifi classics Alien (1979) and Blade Runner (1982). Since then, no Scifi Ridley and no movies that came close to the levels of genius he displayed with these two films.

That is set to change as he is doing two new science fiction movies. I am both excited as they should be cool and nervous that they might not be. What are these two new films?


The first is called Prometheus. You might be able to guess from the poster that it is a new Alien film. No one seems quite sure yet if it is a sequel or prequel or reboot or reimagining or some new term that hasn’t been coined yet. Scott himself has stated that it is a new mythology and universe but with ‘Alien DNA’. So, reboot? Do I care? Not really. I have decided to allow myself to be massively excited about this. If it’s good, then there could be a lot more in the series and big budget scifi, if done well, is awesome.

‘Another Alien movie?’ I hear you thinking. ‘Has Ridley Scott just run out of ideas?’ This thought might be justified when you hear of the second movie he has just signed up for:

A new Blade Runner film.

This has just been announced and no one seems to know anything about it yet. Basically, he just said, ‘Yes.’ I just hope it has nothing to do with Harrison Ford’s character Deckard. It can’t really be set much earlier than the original because that would mean it being set pretty much now. If it is after the original then I don’t want Deckard involved as I love the ambiguity of the ending.

As long as the film is set in a similar city on Earth and has Vangelis, then I will possibly be happy. Quite frankly, it will be hard to top in terms of atmosphere, look, cast, mood, script, anything.

So it’s a double whammy for Ridley. He’s redoing/reimaginating/rewhatevering his own classics. As these things go, I’m preying it will be more Abrams’ Star Trek  as opposed to Burton’s Planet of the Apes. Fingers crossed.

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