PS4 goes Scifi shooter

I have been reading all the nerdy news and specs about the Playstation 4 and was surprised to see that there are already some game trailers for it. I was surprised as the news release was pretty vague about when the console comes out – before Christmas seems to be as specific as it gets. I guess that this is made possible by the fact that the PS4 appears to basically be a souped up PC. I will write more on this and why I’m not so keen on the next gen consoles on or click here for the article.

One thing that seemed common on the PS4 website and on youtube were clips of upcoming games that were essentially science fiction 1st person shooters. Call me dull but I don’t really care that they’re being massively unimaginative with this. I love FPS games and the fact that it is scifi is just a bonus.

The first clip is for a new Killzone game. I LOVE KILLZONE! Here we go:
The next is a game called Destiny. It’s by the guys who made Halo, so it should be pretty genius.
The final trailer that caught my fancy was for the new inFamous game. Not a FPS but a 3rd person actioner, but it still kind of fits the theme. Plus it looks brilliant.

So there you go. Lots of Scifi action for the shiny new console.

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