Herne Bay Zombie Crawl

I get a surprising amount of readers on this site and thought I would use this fact to do some good. Plus it is zombie related. Every year the Kentish town of Herne Bay dresses as zombies and lurches around for an evening. It is all in a good cause too as it is for the Kent Air ambulance. So if you want to dress as a zombie, save lives and live near Kent (and there must be dozens of you) head to Herne Bay on the 3rd November.
Or you could just be nice and donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/HBZC2012.
Unexpectedly there is a trailer.

2 thoughts on “Herne Bay Zombie Crawl

  1. Scott Turner

    Thanks for your post, most appreciated.

    The Zombie Crawl is coming along nicely, we’ve got a Zombie Ball lined up for after the crawl (tickets will be cheap!), our local cinema is putting on a Zombie Film night (still choosing films), there’s a dance group coming up with a zombie Thriller dance to break out during the crawl, zombie workshops and loads of prizes from 2000AD, Sean T Hughes, Quirk Books, PGUK and more to come.

    Take a peek at http://www.facebook.com/hernebayzombiecrawl, http://www.hbzc.wordpress.com or download our app at http://hbzc.mobapp.at, where you can watch last year’s crawl and all our stupid promo videos.

    See you there, we’re stupidly excited!


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