Deleted ‘Superman Returns’ Opening Scene

Did you know that Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns had a $10 million opening sequence that was cut? If you have the Bluray, then yes, but not many people do as the film sucked. Well the clip is here to save you the expense.

The clip explains what Superman was doing for the 5 years that he was away. There are a few flaws with it, which may be why is it was cut. One such flaw is that Superman’s dad tells him that while only 5 years passed for him on his initial trip to Earth, 1000s of years passed in the region where Krypton once stood. This is because even Superman is bound by the laws of physics when concerning space travel and superfast near light-speed velocities. So this trip back to Krypton, and the return, would not have had him returning to Earth after a 5 year absence. Sorry to be geeky about this but a story should be consistent within its own narrative.

You would also think that his ship might have had some lead shielding to save him from Kryptonite radiation, and perhaps some sensors as opposed to relying on a piss-weak searchlight. This could be explained by the fact that Superman is generally pretty thick. His main nemesis is just a really clever human after all. In the Reeve/ Hackman film, Luthor tricks him into getting close enough that he can pull some Kyptonite on a chain out of a lead box and drape it over his neck for god’s sake. In Singer’s film Superman flies to an island made from Kryptonite and gets stabbed by a Kryptonite dagger. Duh.

You may have guessed I’m not a Superman fan. General Zod was much cooler. I quite like Smallville though so I’m just a massive hypocrite. Anyway, see what you think:

3 thoughts on “Deleted ‘Superman Returns’ Opening Scene

  1. Tim Houghton

    Yep, that deserved to be cut! I’m pretty familiar with the story and I barely understood it.

    And I must say that even as a bit of a sci fi nut I have problems with the evidently rather fragile crystalline spaceship with no apparent power source. And where did his clothes go after the kryptonite meteor swarm?


    1. ward Post author

      I think they went and filmed the scene then asked some Scifi fans what they thought. After receiving a load of questions about pretty much everything that doesn’t make sense they probably cut the scene. I am willing to donate my nit-picking services for a mere few thousand pounds a day if anyone is interested.

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